Legacy Family Asset Protection Trust

Legacy Family Asset Protection Trust

Your assets are at risk from a range of potential problems, including: sideways disinheritance, assessing care home costs, divorce of beneficiaries, probate costs & generational inheritance tax.

The solution? Place your property into a Trust. A Trust moves your main asset out of your ‘distributable estate’. This means that your assets – and your wishes for those assets – are fully protected.

In summary a Legacy Family Asset Protection Trust:

  • Prevents anyone benefiting, other than those you intended from your assets when you are no longer here
  • Prevents anyone benefiting other than you and those you intended whilst you are still alive
  • Prevents your beneficiaries from losing some/all of their inheritance as a result of circumstances out of their control
  • Prevents inheritance tax being paid by future generations and avoids the complications, delays and costs of probate

Legacy Family Asset Protection Trust FAQs:

Q: Can I still sell my property and/or move home?
A: Of course you can. The movement of assets in and out of the Trust are your choice

Q: Who can access the Trust?
A: You, whilst you are alive. Should you die, the only person(s) that can access the Trust are your beneficiaries


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Very helpful, courteous and efficient - just what I wanted I did not want to be talked down to, or told what to do - and they were just what I was looking for - professional and efficient

David Blake, Feb 11 2017

The team at legacy wills have been very helpful and extremely courteous when talking through the full process with me. Would highly recommend.

Miss Jane Adiller, November 3

I found the advisor extremely helpful, explaining clearly any points which I was unsure about. I received my Will some days later and was pleased that the company followed up to check that I was happy with it. I did not feel pressured in any way and I would recommend this company to anyone wishing for a straightforward and efficient service.

Linda Leary, November 3

Legacy wills explained every step very clearly and anything you forgot to ask they encouraged you to contact them, they also made you feel that no question was to big or small they would always find the answer.

Juliet Patricia, December 3

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