Cost of making a will

How Much Does a Will Cost?

Planning for a time when you are not around may be the last thing on your mind, but it could save your loved ones from financial and emotional difficulty later down the line. Having a properly drafted Will is the only way to ensure your family is adequately provided for, and that your assets are set to be distributed the way you would like. Legacy Wills & Estate Planning make the decision to take action simple, with our basic Will service, there’s really no reason you can’t take steps to protect your loved ones from the inevitable.

We know how important your Will is to you and that the law in this area may seem complex, which is exactly why we always take the time to explain everything clearly, in a way our customers can understand. If you already have a Will, it is important to review it regularly to ensure it reflects your current financial situation, family circumstances, and wishes. Contact Legacy Wills & Estate Planning to find out about our quick and straightforward service.

Wills Service

Our Will service allows you to provide for your loved ones and gain peace of mind from as little as £19.99. The Will outlines how you would like your estate distributed when you pass, and can save your loved ones any unnecessary stress when the unavoidable happens.

Will Services for Larger Estates

Due to the complexity of some estates, Wills can get very lengthy and detailed, especially those containing various assets, property or high values. Such Wills require a much more detailed analysis, and do take longer to arrange than a simple Will. Our bespoke service will ensure you and your loved ones’ needs are fully met, and not even the smallest detail is left out. We can also provide a quote for arranging your Will before you make your decision. Give us a call, or email us via our online contact form, and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your personal requirements.

Why Use a Professional to Make a Will?

Making a Will is a very important consideration, as any mistake could see your Will made invalid, and your final wishes replaced by intestacy rules. Although there are costs involved in using a Will service, we believe there are many advantages that outweigh those costs in the long run. Below are some of the main reasons to consider:

  • Peace of mind you have a valid Will
  • Professionally drafted and proofed
  • The burden and hassle of paperwork is removed
  • Experience and advice offered
  • Changes can be made through a simple process
  • Document storage facility available

Will Document Storage

Lost, stolen or damaged Wills can cause a host of legal problems for your loved ones after you pass away. Delays in the administration of your estate, challenges in court over the validity of the Will, not being able to find your Will, or uncertainty that the Will found is the latest copy, may mean that your estate is distributed according to intestacy rules, and not to your own wishes. This can cause disruption to your family at an already highly emotional time. When you instruct a high quality Will writing service like ours, you no longer have to worry about these problems. We provide our clients with secure storage for their Wills, in fire, theft and flood proof storage systems, which can be accessed within 24 hours should you require it.

Inheritance Tax Planning

A certain amount of your estate, if it is valued over £325,000 (the current ‘nil rate band’ for inheritance tax), will go towards inheritance tax. It is not the case that inheritance tax problems are reserved for the wealthy, as a house, car, and other possessions could easily put your estate within the threshold. When an individual dies, anything valued above this amount will be taxed at a rate of 40 per cent. The number of people whose estates valued above the nil rate band has increased in recent years, so planning in advance for this can go a long way to avoid unexpected bills for those your leave behind. Spouses and civil partners can pass assets between themselves free of inheritance tax and their allowances can effectively be transferred to double the surviving partners allowance to £650,000. With the right financial planning, practically everyone with an IHT liability should be able to reduce or even completely eliminate it, and pass on as much of their estate to their loved ones as possible There are a number of different IHT planning solutions available, which you can discuss in depth with our Trust & Estate Planning Consultants.

Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover

As you would expect from a Professional Will Writer and Estate Planner, we are confident in the service and expertise that we provide our clients with. However things, on occasion can go wrong and for our clients protection we purchase professional indemnity insurance.


After my initial enquiry about making my will I had a phone call from a member of LegacyWills team, namely Siobhan O’Toole.She explained everything in simple language so that I knew exactly what I had to do. She was very patient when answering my questions, which made me decide to go ahead with using LegacyWills.

Betty Forny, 5 Days ago

The team at legacy wills have been very helpful and extremely courteous when talking through the full process with me. Would highly recommend.

Miss Jane Adiller, 7 Days ago

I found the advisor extremely helpful, explaining clearly any points which I was unsure about. I received my Will some days later and was pleased that the company followed up to check that I was happy with it. I did not feel pressured in any way and I would recommend this company to anyone wishing for a straightforward and efficient service.

Linda Leary, 9 Days ago

Legacy wills explained every step very clearly and anything you forgot to ask they encouraged you to contact them, they also made you feel that no question was to big or small they would always find the answer.

Juliet Patricia, 20 Days ago

Everything I requested was handled with patience and total professionalism, and the end result was a very simple and straightforward process which covered everything that I wanted. Thank you very much Legacywills.

Ian Slater, Over a month ago

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