Writing A Will – What Are Your Options?

Writing A Will – What Are Your Options?

Despite there being an array of options available these days, research suggests that 60% of adults living in the UK do not have a Will.

There is no reason why anyone should not have a Will in place, especially given the fact they deal with important issues, such as who will look after your children should you die and how your estate should be distributed.

A Will not only legally protects your family and assets, but it also delegates exactly how you would like things to be handled once you pass.

Procrastination and the reluctance to think about your demise are common reasons for not writing a Will, but they are certainly not an excuse for avoiding getting it done altogether.

Sometimes people realise that a Will is necessary just a little too late, such as when an incident occurs resulting in a disability or unexpected death.

In order to avoid the additional stress on your family during an already emotional time, it is wise to plan ahead and have a Will in place for both their peace of mind and your own.

If you are 18 or over, you are eligible to write a Will in the UK. You may already feel well equipped and ready to tackle your Will by yourself.

Or perhaps you’re uncertain and want to consider your options before committing to anything in writing.

Regardless, you’ll need to know enough about what is out there before you can confidently make your final decision. Getting it wrong will hugely impact what happens once you die… and failing to have a Will altogether will mean that your family have to adhere to intestacy rules, which can cause unwanted complications.

What Are Your Options?

Seek Help From A Solicitor

Your first option is to find a solicitor that is a trained expert in Will writing. The great thing about getting a solicitor to draw up your Will is that it gives you peace of mind. You can relax and get on with your life knowing that you have done things correctly, therefore avoiding lots of unnecessary stress.

However, this also happens to be the most expensive way to get your Will completed as solicitors charge a hefty fee for their services. Many people are put off of the idea of using a solicitor, especially now that there are other, cheaper options available.

Using a Will-Writing Service

 Using a Will-writing service is a cheaper option compared to seeking assistance from a solicitor. A Will writing service provider can also offer valuable support and advice.

They charge a reasonable fee and if you don’t ensure you have chosen a reputable Will writing service provider, there could be an element of risk.

Make sure that whoever you’ve instructed to write your Will knows exactly what they are doing. Check that what you receive is a bespoke product tailored exactly to your requirements and that your Will is stored in a secure storage facility once it has been completed.

Do It Yourself

Doing it yourself with the help of a Will template often proves to be the most financially viable option. It offers the best of both worlds as there will be no need to pay solicitors fees that are through the roof, but you will also have peace of mind knowing that you have a valid Will in place – providing it has been verified by an expert.

If you decide to pursue this route, ensure that you are using a Will template from a trustworthy source and that your Will is verified by a Will consultant once you have filled in the template and sent it over.

Ultimately, the most important thing to take from this is that whatever you do, getting a Will drafted sooner rather than later is crucial. Do not be one of the many who leave it until it is too late.

Now that you know all the options available to you, evaluate your situation and choose the one that works best for both you and your loved ones.

If your financial affairs are complex, it is recommended that you speak to an expert, whether that is a solicitor or an established Will writing service who can guide you through the daunting process.

With the introduction of online Will templates in recent years, it has now become easier and cheaper to write a Will than ever before, so there really is no reason why you and your family should have to face any difficulties further down the road in life.


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