Free Will Writing

Free Will Writing

The will templates provided to you by Legacy Wills comply with the necessary standards that need to be met in order to ensure its legal validity. We make it possible for you to find some middle ground when it comes to writing a Will and saving money.

A person who is looking to save money has better options than to use the £12 templates that are widely available. Such Wills do not guarantee that they will make it through probate. But as important as it is to make Wills that are more likely to be legally accepted, we shouldn’t forget to consider the following concerns.

The Type of Legacy

There are five types of legacy that can be left behind and these include:

Pecuniary Bequest

In this type of legacy the testator (person making the Will) leaves behind a fixed sum of money. For example if you decide to leave behind £2,000 to your daughter it will be known as a Pecuniary Bequest.

Specific Bequest

If there is a particular type of asset that you wish to leave behind for your loved ones then such a legacy will be known as a Specific Bequest. For instance, if you have decided to leave behind jewellery  for your wife it qualifies as a specific bequest. When the Will is being executed or at the time of distributing the wealth, it will be confirmed whether there is any such item in possession that is specified in the Will. If no such item is found then the bequest will be considered to be invalid/adeemed.

Residuary Bequest

When a part of estate is left behind as legacy it qualifies as a residuary bequest. After deducting all the extra costs such as costs, debts, legacies, liabilities and tax, and funeral expenses, the worth of the estate is calculated and then passed on as legacy.

Reversionary Bequest

It is possible to include specific requests in your Will. For instance if you have a house that you wish to leave behind for your wife as long as she survives you and in case she doesn’t survive you, it should be passed onto your daughter then such a bequest is referred to as a reversionary bequest. This bequest allows you to specify what should happen to your estate if the person you leave it to dies.

Creating a Trust

If a man decides to leave his share of the house to his wife for as long as she lives and upon her death, states that it should pass onto his daughter then a trust is created over his share of the house. Creating a trust gives the flexibility to decide who should benefit from the Will immediately and who should benefit in case the beneficiary passes away too.

When leaving behind a legacy that requires a trust to be formed it is advisable to seek some legal guidance prior to the Will being drafted.

Inheritance Tax

Currently the threshold of inheritance tax for an individual has been set at £325,000 whereas for a couple in civil partnerships or a married couple the threshold stands at £650,000.

If the worth of the estate being left behind, as legacy is more than the threshold value and it is passed into the hands of a non-exempted beneficiary such as a child then inheritance tax will be deducted at 40 percent on the excess amount.

Another condition that needs to be fulfilled in order for inheritance tax to be applicable is that the estate shouldn’t qualify for relief as a business or agricultural asset. It is possible to reduce or eliminate the inheritance tax threshold by the gifts made in the seven years before the testator passes away.

A new law enforced from 6th April 2017 provides each individual with an additional tax-free allowance of £100,000 that can be used against their home only on this condition that it doesn’t exceed £2.35million and it is given to their lineal decedents.

This allowance can also be transferred to a civil partner or spouse if it doesn’t get used up on the first death.

The rules are slightly complicated for such cases and it is advised that you should seek consultation regarding minimising or eliminating the tax amount if the worth of your estate is close to the threshold.

Protecting your Beneficiaries

In certain cases it is recommended that the testator take some measures to protect the beneficiaries. It is especially important if the beneficiaries involved have mental health issues and disabilities.

These issues are generally handled by laying the foundation of a trust that is comprised of people who the testator trusts to take the right decisions. This will be necessary only as long as the beneficiary is not capable or mature enough to take decisions.

Writing your Own Will

Writing your own Will is the most cost effective method towards creating one. There are many websites that provide free Will templates and they are also available at stationer’s shops. But making use of free templates is also one of the riskiest ways to create your own Will. This is an option that should be used only if there is not the slightest complication in the calculation of your estate’s worth.

Ideally, a template contains all information that is required to successfully validate a Will such as showing you how the Will needs to be signed, dated and witnessed properly. 

It is necessary to ensure that rules are being followed in order to ensure that the Will you have written yourself is not deemed to be invalid.

The laws related to inheritance tax have been quite dynamic in the past and have also changed from time to time. Thus it is necessary to keep in mind the possibility that things may change from the time the Will was drafted to the point it gets executed. It is therefore recommended that you seek some basic advice from a company such as ours that will make Will writing extremely convenient or a solicitor along with being legally valid.

Why Legacy Wills for Will Writing Services?

At Legacy wills, we have a team of expert consultants who are equipped with the necessary experience and knowledge to guide you in the right direction when it comes to writing a Will. Legacy Wills has been around for a long time and this has helped us gain expertise in Will writing services. Starting from just £19.99, we have a wide range of templates that should encompass all your requirements.


Very helpful, courteous and efficient - just what I wanted I did not want to be talked down to, or told what to do - and they were just what I was looking for - professional and efficient

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The team at legacy wills have been very helpful and extremely courteous when talking through the full process with me. Would highly recommend.

Miss Jane Adiller, November 3

I found the advisor extremely helpful, explaining clearly any points which I was unsure about. I received my Will some days later and was pleased that the company followed up to check that I was happy with it. I did not feel pressured in any way and I would recommend this company to anyone wishing for a straightforward and efficient service.

Linda Leary, November 3

Legacy wills explained every step very clearly and anything you forgot to ask they encouraged you to contact them, they also made you feel that no question was to big or small they would always find the answer.

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